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  • IP Addresses: 80,000+
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What is a VPN:  A VPN or a virtual private network superimposes a secure and encrypted connection over and above a less secure network. A secured VPN connection makes sure that there is sufficient level of security to the systems connected over the network when the basic network by itself cannot provide it. The VPN can mainly be differentiated from a private network in terms of feasibility and cost. Some of the most common forms of VPNs are site-to-site VPNs and the remote access VPNs.

Using VPN at Home:        

  • Privacy.
  • Anonymity.
  • Access to blocked sites.
  • Freedom of online streaming (Netflix etc.)

Why to Use VPN at Home?:

One can want to use the VPN services for a variety of reasons, but the primary reason remains the desire for anonymity, or to hide your identity and your location. Depending on your location from where you are accessing the internet, there may be different reasons why you would not want your connection to be traceable, especially in places where authorities restrict access or places with internet surveillance.

Also, there are quite a number of online services which restrict access to users from certain specific location. Using VPN, one can get around such restrictions and bypass the blocks placed by the ISPs or the governments and secure the internet connection.

One may not actually realize it in real time, but when a person logs on the internet, all of their activity is tracked on a continuous basis at different levels. Search engines, e-mail services, and the government agencies are at all times keeping a track on your online activity. This is mainly possible because of your IP address, which is a physical representation of where you are located.

When you get a personal and secure VPN, you need not any longer be worried about being tracked easily as it hides your real IP address and puts out to those tracking a masked IP address instead.

Using VPN for Business:

  • Security and confidentiality.
  • Better network coordination.
  • Increased efficiency in work processes.

Business Uses of VPN:

In addition to the personal users, quite a few businesses have a lot of use for the VPN services. Many businesses these days have a network of branch offices spread out all over the country and at times even abroad. The business can securely connect these branches to the head office over the internet by making use of the site-to-site VPN connection.

This will allow the organization to make it possible for the workers spread all over to log on the company network just like they would in their office. It allows them to link the remote sites with the main office and enable the users to exchange information over the network.

The users can also use common printers and file servers with remote access and perform different tasks. However, even here using a VPN is one of the most convenient way to secure the useful information from falling in wrong hands.

How to choose among the best VPN providers?:

Other than the most basic question about the costs matching your budget, there are other factors which you may want to look at. Other than the costs, the most important aspect while choosing the best VPN provider is reliability and trustworthiness the provider enjoys.

Especially, if using a VPN service for business purposes, it has to be extremely reliable with bullet proof security. You need to check the reviews from reliable sources and also correlate it with the opinions of users of the service you might know.

Trusted VPN Reviews:

360topreviews.com is a place for best VPN service reviews and provides a great resource for all this information and has reviews from experts in the field and also presents a wide array of views at one place which will help you gain knowledge and also help to compare top VPN services and choose the one which suits your needs the most after looking at the various factors.