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Browse the Internet. There you can find a long list of website builders that claim to be the best fit for businesses, organizations or individuals. Let me name a few that I have conducted research on. These are Wix, Websitbuilder and Strikingly/. I also read a lot of testimonials about these website builders. All three have been well-known for several years and acknowledged as trailblazers in the website creation industry.

What are my thoughts?

The website need not be convoluted. Yes, it has to be well-designed but the more important thing is the site must be functional more than anything else. For me, the criteria in choosing a website builder are the following:

  • User-friendliness or Accessibility – This is the “Sine Qua Non” or main ingredient in the successful development of websites. It is also the technical expertise or know-how required in website maintenance.
  • Customization – This means the website is built according to preferences and specifications of the owner. The features must not be high-end (overwhelming) but useful.
  • Portability – This refers to features of computer programs that can be used for operating systems other than the purpose it was made without the need for major modifications. The developer must be capable of implementing customized changes such as migration to other platforms.
  • Cost – The cost is the bottom line since business owners look at different ways to economize.

Background of Builders

Wix, a publicly-listed firm, started operations in 2006. Weebly, a private corporation, opened one year later in San Francisco. Squarespace, also a private company, is the pioneer. It was established in New York City in 2004.

More than 92 million websites were developed using Wix. At present, it has 2.29 million subscribers who pay regular fees. Weebly was used in building over 40 million sites to date. Yet, it did not reveal the number of paying subscribers. Squarespace did not divulge the number of registered users although it admitted having more than a million of paying users. I believe it is practical to use these platforms because each one has put in a lot of money to develop and enhance their software.

I wish to share the following information with those who are looking for the best website builders:

  • Tools of website developers have progressed significantly through the years. There are now many innovative techniques in designing, publishing and maintaining websites due to rapidly changing technologies.
  • Hosted platforms have become popular over the years notwithstanding the abundance of instruments and options.]
  • Website builders do not require any coding systems. They provide a wide assortment of pre-designed themes or templates to choose from. Customization follows based on your requirements. Designs are no longer limited not like during the past years.

According to recommendations from industry experts, the easiest to use sites are Wix and Weebly while Wix and Squarespace provide the trendiest and professional designs. These two are also very customizable. On the other hand, Weebly is perfect if you are familiar with modifying codes.

Now, which is the best option? There are other website builders that have earned prominence in the past. Your guess is as good as mine.