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  • IP Addresses: 80,000+
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The Virtual Private Network (VPN) software serves as dependable protection for many business organizations as well as individual users. To explain it further, VPN service guarantees privacy and security for both public and private networks such as the Internet and Wi-Fi Hotspots. Companies use it primarily for protection of sensitive data.
This Software is Perfect for three specific purposes:

  • It conceals locations while one is online.
  • It allows the user to gain access to blocked websites and content.
  • It prevents unauthorized individuals to pry on your website.

VPN service will keep your activities in the world-wide web confidential since your Internet Protocol (IP) Address is hidden completely from view. Otherwise, this address of the Virtual Private Network server that you use can be shared by thousands of other users.

However, I observed that many people are still not aware of the it's benefits. They have no idea of how this software or products can help. First and foremost, the VPN builds a private channel over the Web that leads to servers. Data traffic that passes through, is enciphered or coded which makes it impossible for the data to be intercepted.

There are pros and cons to be considered carefully. It is possible that some users do not like the idea of all online traffic going through their accounts. One logical reason for this is the connection becomes slower due to the data cap compared to connections through the Internet Service Provider (ISP). I suggest the best option will be install Virtual Product Network software only on desktop computers or devices that require the program. Modern technologies have the capacity to protect users’ networks from illegal access.

Many consumers see the capabilities of offering more privacy because of the secure connection between the device and network they are connecting to. This is not possible with proxy services or apps. On the other hand, a lot of enterprises use VPNs enable their employees get hold of and safeguard remote access to their respective servers and networks. For corporate entities, it is vital to connect to servers especially if employees are frequently mobile or on the move. Maintenance costs are also reduced in the long-term after the VPN software is installed.

Yet, I also realize the downsides of it:

  • It can make the Internet connection slower.
  • It is one way of shortening battery life.
  • It's usually comes with annoying advertisements.
  • It is possible for private information to be sold by unscrupulous providers.
  • The VPN’s design configuration is somewhat complicated and entails higher level of comprehension.

What is the bottom line here? Choose only a trustworthy provider. Most services are paid applications and NordVPN as well as ExspressVPN are the most common and recommended  .

Just like other millions of consumers of software and hardware worldwide, I focus on the features and benefits of products. I am also very cautious before making any buying decision through research, references and reading customer testimonials, so my top recommendations after a really good research are nordvpn and expressvpn but, other brands like purevpn and HMA are also not bad.